"Welcome!" an impressively large Frondari stallion greets you. He is one of the strangest creatures you have ever seen, with two sets of feathered wings, two tufted tails, and zebra stripes from head to hoof. "I am Rain Drumming Singing Zebra, the Lead Stallion of this Herd."

He smiles mysteriously and trots over to a large group of male and female Frondari. His twin set of wings flap slightly as he moves, even though he has them mostly folded up and tucked at his sides.

"Here are the other members of this lovely Herd. Allow me to introduce you," the big stallion says.
Lead Stallion - Rain Drumming Singing Zebra - Owned by Adlana
Second Stallion -
Wind Shaking Lonely Dogwood - Owned by Raven
Third Stallion -
Tiger Pouncing Fluttering Bird - Owned by Lessa Lynn
Lead Mare -
Willow Sheltering Weary Doe - Owned by Only1jc
Second Mare -
Fairy Charming Waving Grasses - Owned by Tygress
Third Mare - Flurry Coating Fuzzy Dandelion - Owned by Skysong
Fourth Mare -
Heat Escaping Frozen Cave - Owned by Kista
Fifth Mare -
Landscape Wintering Changing Snow - Owned by Broan
Sixth Mare -
Geyser Showering White Willow - Owned by Myrror
"A lovely Herd, are they not?" the Lead Stallion asks you proudly.

"Is this Herd open to new members?" you ask curiously.

"No, the Herd is currently full. If outsiders would like to try to adopt foals from this Herd, they are certainly welcome to try, however. The only thing we ask is that you contact the owner of both the mare and stallion before you sign up and get permission. Also, if you own one of the members of the Herd, make sure to get permission if you want to mate your Frondari with one of the stallions or mares of the Herd. This includes getting permission from Adlana to use me as the father," he says with a wink.

"Any other questions about the Herd, you should contact Adlana at adlana@namelessforest.com, or the owner of the Frondari you are curious about. Thanks for visiting!"
Snow Coating Striped Boulder - owned by Tygress
Sunlight Streaming Dark Clouds - owned by Broan
Bubbles Frothing Golden Water - owned by LadyStorm
Honey Flowing Sweet Nectar - owned by Lessa Lynn
Summer Brightening Jaded Birch - owned by Only1jc
Spring Waking Late Alder -
Wolf Mourning Wintered Hemlock - owned by Raven