A strange path
A small side path catches your attention. You glance down it and hear a small noise somewhere off into the bushes.

"Pssstt!" A voice says. You go down the path a little ways looking for the source of the voice.

"Who are you?" You ask, but are quickly cut off by the voice.

"Shhhh... and never mind who I am. They would kill me if they knew I was helping you."

"Who would?"

"Be quiet and let me talk. I must be quick," the voice says in a barely audible whisper. You still cannot see anyone around. "The riddle-makers of course," the voice continues. "They hate it when people give away their secrets."


"I can't explain now, but you will find out for yourself soon enough. You must know that if you follow this path, things can never be the same for you again. There are things that, once known, change the way you view the world forever. Do you understand?"

You shake your head, completely confused now.

"Well, you soon will my friend. See that large marble stone up ahead? Next to it you will find answers that will only lead you to more questions. Good luck my friend. You will need it, I'm afraid."

"Wait...!" you call out, wanting to ask more.

"I can say no more. The riddle-makers have forbidden it since the beginning of time. Remember this as your journey continues," the voice says as it fades out. "Two stones fell in the woods, far apart from one another, but they are always part of the same mountain. One will point the way to a great treasure and one will point the way to great knowledge."

With that, the voice is gone and you are alone in the forest once more. It seems wider and emptier than ever before and you can't help but feel that you have been thrust into the middle of something that you could never be prepared for. With questions spinning in your mind, you decide what to do next.
Go back the way you came and forget about the voice
Follow the small path to the marble stone