Nameless Forest News
1/30/03 - Two Frondari foals are available for adoption at the Frondari Isle. The readoption random draw is still going on at the messageboard.

1/25/03 - Updated Frondari parents list. Please send Adlana your URLs if yours isn't on the list.

1/24/03 - The Nameless Forest Cafepress shops have been updated with brand new items! Please
take a look, and if there is something else you'd like to see, let Adlana know!

1/16/03 - The next section of the Nameless Forest Chronicle has been added to the library. It's a dark green book for those of you who haven't seen it yet. There's a new picture that Adlana drew at the waterfall. A larger version will be going in her Elfwood gallery soon.

1/14/03 - The Felcan writing contest is over. Here are the results (the winners will be recieving emails soon): In first place, Cat, who will be adopting Otlesu Kerkas. In second place, Saturnalia, who will be adopting Erew Pech. In third place is Celestia, who will be adopting Heran Breun. Semau Melra is still available for adoption and will be given out in a random draw that closes Friday.

1/12/03 - Updated some things at the Crossroads and made a few critter pages. The draw at the messageboard is closed and the results are posted.

1/09/03 - Everyone say happy birthday to Adlana's ferret, Morgan! She turns one today. Added a
FAQs page to the adoption info, and one book to the library.

1/06/03 - The Felcan writing contest starts today and will end in a week. For more information, see the Felcan
news page.

12/12/02 - Felcan breeding season is now open. This only happens once a year, so sign up now! The form will be open until next Tuesday at noon. See the Felcan news page for more info.

12/09/02 - The Nameless Forest now has its very own
messageboard! Feel free to roleplay here if you like, and I will also be posting announcements, adoption stuff, and other things here.

11/22/02 - The Frondari parents list has been updated, if you own one please check to make sure I have all your URLs. Also, if you have not yet send me your URL, do so soon. The Herd of Tamed Winds has finally been given a page as well. To see it, go

11/15/02 - Not many updates recently. Too much homework is evil! A few of the books in the library have new links in them, and Adlana has been working on getting her adopted creatures up at the Crossroads.

10/28/02 - The Felcan form is closed, and here are the winners! Heike, Blue Mist, Nova, and Raven. Pick up your Felcans please, and get them up ASAP. There will be another batch of these next month, hopefully.

10/21/02 - A batch of 4 Felcan is up for adoption. The form will close in a week. The Nameless Forest now has a guestbook! Look on the index page to sign it.

10/21/02 - The Frondari Contest is closed! Here are the winners: Raven - s2, Lessa Lynn - s3, Only1jc - m1, Tygress, m2, Skysong - m3, Kista - m4, Antonia - m5, Myrror - m6. Congrats guys! Also, Kaetz and Indigo will be recieving wild Frondari as a thanks for participating in the contest.

10/17/02 - Haven't worked on the Forest much lately, but we have plans for a few new sections, plus some new critters to adopt. Adlana's been working on updating her adopted creatures at the Crossroads. If she still needs to get something up from you, bug her about it!

10/07/02 - You asked for it, you got it! There is a second Frondari Herd contest going on at the Frondari Isle! Try to guess questions about mythical creatures. The contest will close October 21.

10/01/02 - Adlana has added a
commissions page, so if you are interested in buying her artwork, please take a minute to look at it!

9/30/02 - Extended breedings are closed for now. Tiger Killing Screaming Rabbit, Comet Streaking Distant Galaxy, Daylight Frightening Dark Fox, and Storm Challenging Writhing Seas are the pregnant mares from this breeding season. I will try to have more in a few weeks. Happy birthday to the Namelessforest domain!

9/25/02 - The Frondari extended breeding rules have been updated a bit, because a few people were asking questions. Let Adlana know if you are confused about anything else!

9/23/02 - The Frondari extended breeding form is open until September 30th. Please read the rules before you apply. Xavier's Stone is now updated, which means that the revamp of the Forest is done!!!! Yay!!! And only 7 days away from the namelessforest domain's first birthday!

9/21/02 - The library is now updated, including the books that list all the creatures of the Forest. The hidden part of the Forest is also updated, along with three of the creatures who live there. The only thing left to update is Xavier's stone!

9/15/02 - The castle, hedge maze, and gardens should all be updated now. Whew! Also, all the creatures found in those areas are updated. :) Be careful, the hedge maze is a completely different configuration than it was before.

9/13/02 - Happy Friday, the 13th! The Frondari Contest is over! Here are the winners and the Frondari they won: LadyCrow - s1, Karasu - s2, Heike - s3, Janalee - m1, Rhiannon - m2, Sunblind - m3, Mouse - m4, Blue Mist - m5, Thele - m6. You may pick up your Frondari on the contest pages. Congrats everyone!

9/2/02 - Congrats to Almira, Reunetta, Kista, and Nova, the adopters of the latest batch of Frondari. No more foals are available, but I have opened the special foal request form for those people who don't have any Frondari at all yet.

8/30/02 - There is a two week long contest going on at the Frondari Isle which will determine the adopters of an entire Herd of Frondari! It ends on Friday, September 13th.

8/29/02 - Updated the Frondari parent's list. If you own a Frondari, please check the list and make sure all the information for your Frondari is correct. Thanks!
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