Nameless Forest News
Here's older news, just in case anyone is interested in looking at it. :)

8/26/02 - Four Frondari foals are up for adoption, only for those who haven't gotten a foal from the Herd of the Island Mists. First come first served basis. Also updated the well and surrounding area, including the fire dragon, calibo, and dawn bird.

8/21/02 - Updated darkforest, path, and clearing pages. The hidden book cavern is also updated, along with the creature that lives there. *wink*

8/18/02 - Updated the clouds, gingerbread house, Ruthie's house, and the beach pages. The Pegafly, Icthis, and Air Dragon have been updated.

8/9/02 - Congrats to Pixie, Lessa Lynn, Dragonspyrit, and Only1jc for being chosen to adopt Felcan 11-14. The next batch will be up for adoption in a few weeks, hopefully.

7/31/02 - Four Felcan are up for adoption! To apply, you need to find the guestbook and sign it before August 9th. A premade page is required.

7/25/02 - Congrats to Only1jc, Dyani, LadyCrow, Janalee, and Rhiannon, the adopters of the latest Frondari batch. There were only 6 forms this time, and since Shyara was the only one who didn't get one, she will have first pick of the next batch.

7/19/02 - Five more Frondari are up for adoption on the Frondari Isle! It's a very cute batch of them! The form closes Thursday, the 25th at noon.

7/12/02 - Congrats to drago, Reptile Girl, Kaetz, Thele, and Rhiala for being selected to adopt foals from our latest batch. There will be more foals for adoption soon.

7/8/02 - Five Frondari foals are available for adoption on the Frondari Isle. The form will close on Friday, 12th around noon. Good luck!

7/4/02 - I was able to get online for awhile during our Independence Day celebration at my parents' house and I updated all of the mountain, Heart of the Forest, and bridge pages. There is also a new winged lion and greater unicorn (I'm very proud of the unicorn)!

6/20/02 - All the Deriss pictures have been replaced, but I haven't been able to update the mountain backgrounds yet. I did this awhile ago, but I just never got around to putting it on the news page. Remember to check out the Nameless Forest store before the end of June, when some of the items will no longer be available!

5/25/02 - Adlana is unfortunately not going to have much internet access over the summer, so there will be less updates in the next three months. I will try to do what I can, and Lorlen might be working on some things, so keep checking back!

5/8/02 - Updated grassland pages and replaced the flitter picture.
5/7/02 - Updated sprite and icecave pages. Scanned in all the critters I drew yesterday, cleaned the images, and replaced the ice dragon and butterflies.

5/6/02 - Redrew a whole batch of critters, including the some of the smaller residents of the Forest such as the flitter and the legba rat. They will be scanned and uploaded ASAP!

5/5/02 - Updated swamp, tower, and brook pages. There's now another Nameless Forest store with limited edition artwork for sale on shirts and other items.

4/27/02 - You can now buy Nameless Forest shirts, mousepads, mugs, and more at! To visit our store, go

4/17/02 - Updated all of the lake pages and Alexandria's cabin. Creatures on those pages updated as well, along with the critters at the waterfall. A very productive day!

4/16/02 - Updated waterfall pages.

4/15/02 - Yay! Frondari pages are completely updated, including all the new genetics information. Make sure to read through it if you already have a Frondari.

4/14/02 - Posted more
baby guinea pig pictures! There's lots of them to see now. :)

4/10/02 - Finished Frondari Herd pages. Genetics info coming soon. Posted baby guinea pig pictures born to Adlana's guinea pig on March 29. See them

3/25/02 - New earth dragons up and dcave completely finished. New Frondari Herd partially up and most of new Frondari pages finished. Lorlen has been working redoing the backgrounds on the hidden forest pages.

12/28/01 - Drew new Frondari herd, pages to be redone soon. Updated a few dcave pages. Hoping to work on more updates over winter break.

10/28/01 - Lesser unicorn replaced with five updated versions. Pegasi and horsefly drawn out and inked. More updates to the dcave region.

10/15/01 - Added a new adoption agency for the Nameless Forest, the Felcan! The agency is hidden, but you'll find that it's not very far from where you stand now.

9/30/01 - The Nameless Forest gets its own domain! Please update all links to The old URL will continue to exist, however. While we transfer files to the new domain, some links might not be working.

9/26/01 - Added news list and awards page. Up to this point, backgrounds on all the brook pages have been updated, planning on working on the lake next. New unicorns and pegasi drawn out in pencil.
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