Nameless Forest News
This page is the easiest way to keep track of what has been happening in the Forest. We try to update it a few times each week, so it should be useful if you want to check out the most recent changes.

9/10/03 - Heya! I know it's been awhile, but look forward to seeing more updates here in the coming months. Adoption agencies will be reopening soon. Today, the Frondari parents list was updated as much as possible. Please send missing URLs to Adlana as soon as possible at

4/12/03 - Updated the Crossroads so that it is in table form now. Took many more hours than I thought it would, but the result is much more legible. Now to get some of those critters on pages.... Also started on a new section of the Forest. Not open for visitors yet because it has too many links that don't go anywhere yet.

4/11/03 - News page was getting far too long, so I bumped a chunk of it onto another page. Frondari parents list has been updated again. Also,
Adlana's Elfwood gallery has some new stuff in it to look at!

4/10/03 - You might notice that some of the humanoid characters in the forest now have images of them, drawn by Adlana and Lorlen. Please don't steal them. They aren't for adoption!

4/3/03 - There has been a new book added to the library especially for owners of Frondari who haven't found the Isle yet. Also, the festival snowflakes have all melted away. :)

4/1/03 - Sorry there haven't been any updates for awhile. Been pretty busy in RL. The Frondari parents list has been updated. Please check and make sure I have your info correct.

2/7/03 - The Nameless Forest's birthday celebration, the
Festival of the Four Seasons is now open! There are tons of competitions and other fun activities, so please feel free to join in!
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