The Mountain
You investigate the bushes, and see an unusual creature walking past. It has a very long tail and two graceful horns. When it sees you the creature pauses and looks at you. You hear a soft voice in your head.

"Are you a friend?"

You nod and the creature looks relieved.

"We are the Herd of the Mountain. We have grown too large for our area, though, and there are those who would journey beyond its borders. If you would like to have a companion on your journey, there are many of us who would come with you."

You ask where the rest of the Herd is, but the creature does not seem to know.

"If you like, I will go with you, for you seem like a good creature. You could also investigate the rest of the mountain and choose another of us to accompany you."
Look around for the rest of the herd
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