The Wrestling Matches have ended now, and the results are posted! The following Felcan have recieved the rank of Champion Warrior and will be recieving a metal and plaque as soon as Adlana's computer is back up and running. :)

Male Match
Nemau Fetos (owned by Saturnalia) - 16/20
Vresem Shasa (owned by Blue Mist) - 9/20
Agantu Ashaira (owned by Janalee) - 8/20
Forrew Ermil (owned by Only1jc) - 7/20

Female Match
Ereyau Preisil (owned by Heike) - 11/20, 13/20 in rematch
Kreter Feru (owned by Blue Mist) - 11/20, 10/20 in rematch
Veifra Perfan (owned by Lessa Lynn) - 10/20

All Cubs Junior Match
Aruau Vuitokira (owned by Lessa Lynn) - 11/20, 9/20 in re
Erew Pech (owned by Saturnalia) - 11/20, 6/20 in rematch
Otlesu Kerkas (owned by Cat) - 9/20
Semau Nelra (owned by Rhiannon) - 8/20

Scoring was based on the following:

Horns/Antlers: +2
Wings/Fins: -1
Non-carnivorous head: -3
Non-clawed feet: -1 each
Weapon-like tail (spiked or whip-like): +3
Delicate parts (antennae, finned or feathered tail): -2
Other bonus (thick scales, spiked spine, etc): +2
Fitness (based on page quality): +1-3
Offense (randomly determined): +1-5
Defense (randomly determined: +1-5
Total: 20 possible points
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