The Felcan may be known as the riddle-makers, but the Deriss have also been long known for their love of puzzles. They always seem to be posing questions for each other and trying to guess the answers. In that spirit, the Deriss are sponsoring several quizzes that will test your knowledge of different kinds of things. At the end of the Festival, a draw will take place among those to get a perfect score and the winner will be gifted a unique Derissa with markings that you choose. So, without further talk, Roapula will take you to the testing areas.
Contest closed! The winners need to email adlana with their choices for their custom Deriss. (it should be working now)

Deriss, Derissa - Rhiannon with a score of 73
Adlana in Ten Questions - Only1jc with a score of 50
Lorlen, the other NF Creator - Krystaura with a score of 80

Remember, Deriss only come in horse-like colors and never have mutations. The only traits possible are deer feet, lion tail, and horse mane.
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