1/1/03 - The Festival is over until next year. Thanks to all participants!

2/21/03 - Winners of the Create your Own Frondari Herd contest have been announced on that page.

2/11/03 - The crossword puzzle is up and running now. I also fixed the problem with the coloring files. You should be able to save them as .gifs with no problem now.

2/9/03 - The Click & Takes page is up now! Also, just a note about the Create a Frondari Herd contest. Colors that you wouldn't find on a normal horse are just as rare as a mutation. I noticed that most of the entries so far include colors such as red, purple, green, etc, so I just thought I should clarify this. Submitting an entry without odd colors gives you a much higher chance of being chosen, especially as things stand now.

2/8/03 - A few people have been sending in their Treasure Hunt URLs with only 5 or 6 found. There are actually 21 of them, so please don't mail them in until you have them all. I've posted more info about this on the Hunt page.

2/7/03 - The Festival of the Four Seasons is officially open! Welcome everyone!

2/6/03 - Started work on the Festival. Hope to have most of the events up and running by the end of this weekend. A few of the events will be added later.
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