This contest is closed now! Adlana should have contacted you if you are a winner. For those who couldn't find them all, a list of the general area in which the snowflake was found is below. I'll wait a little while until I delete the snowflakes in case you want to go find the ones you missed.
1) This page
2) The ice cave
3) FAQs
4) Hedge maze
5) Xavier's Stone
6) The cottage
7) Lessa's butterfly page
8) A book in the library
9) The ocean
10) The NF messageboard
11) The Felcan Pride page
12) In a lost book
13) Behind an old lady's house
14) The tower
15) A pocket
16) The stables
17) While shrunken
18) Link from old news page
19) The swamp
20) The "oasis"
21) Wandering
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