Here is a fun little crossword about all things Nameless Forest. Some questions are very easy, while others are a little tricker, so you might have to look around to find the answers. The contest is over now and the results are posted at the bottom of the page. Adlana should have contacted you if you were a winner.
1. Location of the largest tree (5 words).
2. Surname of Rapunzel's prince.
3. Son of Thundermaker.
4. To die, a misnomer perhaps.
5. A young Frondari.
6. Captain of Morrach's guard.
9. A Felcan farewell (3 words).
11. Small racing equine.
12. Leader of a Felcan Pride (2 words).
13. Prized when blue.
15. Adlana's mommy guinea pig.
2. A young Felcan.
3. Plural of Taekal.
7. Murderer of Radcliffe II.
8. Sent a letter to his parents
10. Ancient advisor to the King.
14. To jump, a jumper.
16. Sister of Morrach I.
17. Frondian for a Midnight Bird (2 words).
18. Wrere's animal (2 words).
19. Number of butterfly eye types.

1. The Heart of the Forest
2a. Cub
2d. Charming
3a. Taekanin
3d. Thunderwing
4. Ichthis
5. Foal
6. Kerik
7. Alinabeezer
8. Sean
9. Mabu gu iveru
10. Fylimanthar
11. Teola
12. Pride Lord
13. Flamingo
14. Legba
15. Clover
16. Lilia
17. Darum flif
18. Harpy Eagle
19. Four
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