During the Festival, Frondari breedings will be open at the Isle. Keep in mind that your Frondari must be in a Herd to breed, and you must have permission from the owners of both parents to sign. When you have this, fill out the extended breeding form at the Frondari Isle. Sorry, only people who have found the Frondari Isle are eligible to participate in breedings.

Breedings will be given out on a first come first served basis. Adlana will do them as she had time for them, so if you wait a few weeks to sign, it may be awhile before you recieve your foal.

To honor the third year of the Forest, all triplets born during this month will be special in some way. They may have magical powers, special jewelry, small pets, or be identical (or even siamese). Let's see how many sets of twins we can get! Just for your information, there is only a one in six chance of having triplets, and a one in three chance of twins.


Approved breedings so far:

Gazelle Escaping X Storm Dancing (finished = twins)
Sunset Coloring X Music Summoning (finished = single)
Lightning Driving X Comet Streaking (finished = twins)
Tiger Pouncing X Landscape Wintering (finished = triplets)
Kaetz & Blue Mist - Ff37w x Fm20 (in progress)
Kaetz & Blue Mist - Ff7 x Fm20 (in progress)
Only1jc & Raven - Herd3s2 x Herd3m1 (in progress)
Dragonflight - Sand Breaking x Sea Splashing (in progress)
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