And from whence did the Felcan come, you ask, my child? 'Tis the oldest story ever told, and a long one at that. 'Tis a tale that has always been and always shall be, and as my duty is such, I will tell it to you now.

Long ago, two great clans of creatures existed on the earth. One of these clans was known as Those Who Chase, and the other was known as Those Who Run. These clans had always been at war with each other ever since the beginning of time.

As long as anyone could remember, Those Who Chase had held the upper hand in the endless war between the clans. They were all the creatures of fang and claw, the fiercest fighters and warriors. Few from the clan of Those Who Run were able to fight back, or even escape the murderous urges of Those Who Chase.

The clan of the Chasers (as they were called), was led by two main factions. They were Those Who Slink in the Night and Always Land Upright (or felines for short) and Those Who Hold Their Tails High and Always Follow Their Noses (or canines for short). The felines and canines never did get along with each other, each faction believing themselves to be superior to the other. For the sake of the greater cause against the Runners, however, the felines and canines were forced to cooperate in many battles, though they did so only grudgingly.

The leader of the canine faction was a brave male of the name Moon Wolf. He was young and often rash in his decisions, but his people revered him for his bravery and skill in battle.

To be continued....