As you press the rules button, you hear the strange sound of blocks of stone sliding against each other. You watch in amazement as one of the sides of the marble stone opens to reveal a smooth panel with tiny carved words. It appears to be a list of rules. Above the list, in larger letters, you see a legend.

"Potential Outsenders much read and comply with all rules as stated before completing the Outsender Test. Rules must be followed exactly."

1) Before applying to have a Felcan outsent to your realm, you must prepare a place for it to live. This means a premade page! Those who spend the most time on their page will have a better chance of being chosen to adopt a Felcan. Felcan can live in pretty much any environment you would find big canines or felines in. Your page must have a link back to the Nameless Forest somewhere on it.

2) If you are approved to adopt a Felcan, it will be sent to you via email. You must move your Felcan in to its home within two weeks of that date or I reserve the right to find a better home for it. Please email me when your Felcan is up.

3) Your Felcan's stats and genetics should be posted on the same page as the Felcan. I will try to keep track of the genetics of every Felcan, but if I loose them for some reason and you have not posted yours, your Felcan will not be able to breed.

4) RPing your Felcan is not an absolute requirement, but I am going to give preference to those people who I know are active RPers at the Orchard Messagepost. Felcan are really meant to be interactive pets, are are not creatures that are happy being stuck on a page and left there alone.

5) Please do not resize, recolor, or change my graphics in any way, or adopt them out to other people. Felcan take me a very long time to do (which is why I've decided to put my name on each one), and I will not look kindly to people who mess with them without my permission. Each Felcan is mean to be unique to his or her adopter. If anyone sees any stolen Felcan out there, please let me know.

6) Have fun with your Felcan and let me know if you have any questions! The password is jabberwocky. Thanks for reading the rules.