Finally, you have come to the last female of the Pride. Rithun doesn't even have to wake her, for she is already sitting up. She is probably the most beautiful of the three females, with gorgeous blue butterfly wings and snow leopard coloration. She smiles at you with a cheerful expression.

"And lastly, this is Mornal Kech, my Blue Diamond," Rithun says, his voice full of love.
Name: Mornal Kech "blue diamond"
Rank: Lady of the Pride of Silver Flames
Gender: Female
Parentage: Ferm Linytath X Agant Areshesil
Head: cc
Mane: ss
Horns: A#NN
Wings: A#NN
Front Legs: FF
Back Legs: Fc
Coat: lh
Snow Coat: f
iB/is (butterfly)
"Pleased to meet you," she says, folding up her wings  and wrapping her fluffy tail around herself. "I trust you've enjoyed meeting the members of the Pride. Rithun can be a bit bigheaded sometimes, but he is an excellent protector and warrior." She leans in a little closer to you for this last part.

"Did you choose to join his Pride, or did he choose you?" you ask, suddenly curious.

"I chose him, of course!" she says with a laugh. "Males who wish to lead a pride must prove themselves worthy first!" She winks at you and Rithun looks a bit embarassed.

"How did he prove himself?" you ask.

Seeing Rithun's discomfort, Mornal says, "I'll tell you some other time. It is a funny story."

"If you are done here, I will show you the way back to the Stone," Rithun says, breaking in. "We would not want to keep you any longer than necessary."

You nod and follow him to the edge of the field.