Rithun nudges a small black female gently with his nose, and she wakes up and yawns. When she stands up, you are surprised to see that she has a very unusual tail. It resembles the tail of an aquatic mammal, perhaps a dolphin. She is pure black in color with bright golden eyes.

"I introduce you to Sreled Arluil, Diving Darkness, the second Lady of the Pride," Rithun says. "She is a quiet creature, but she knows much. She is just selective about who she will talk to."
Name: Sreled Arluil "diving darkness"
Rank: Lady of the Pride of Silver Flames
Gender: Female
Parentage: Melu Trerel X Jayalam Sherinira
Head: c
Ears: f
Mane: A#ss
Horns: NN
Wings: NN
Front Legs: Fc
Back Legs: FF
Tail: A#
Coat: Pk
Snow Coat:
Mw/Rp (dolphin)
"You are a kind creature," Sreled says, "I can see that right away. You have also traveled far. All who come here have."

She is silent for a moment, just looking at you, and finally you say, "I don't understand. What can you tell me?"

"Only this. Some journeys are not made only over land and sea and sand. Some are done by the powers of magic that protect and plague the creatures of the Forest. Magic has been used for good and for evil, and evil has sealed the way that would have brought many Outsenders to their final destination."

This seems like gibberish to you, but you pay close attention and remember it well. Perhaps will be come in handy on your travels.

"What is an Outsender?" you ask.

But Sreled is silent again. She smiles and gives you a reassuring look and then lays back down and closes her eyes.