Rithun leads you over to the corner of the field, where three female Felcan are taking their afternoon nap. He wakes the first one, who sits up and blinks at you with sleepy green eyes. She has a funny striped coloration, wings, and a strange red crest on her head.

"This is my first Lady, Fevrethau Wen," the male says. "Like myself, she also comes from a very proud and noble family and was the first to be my mate when I became the Lord of the Pride.
Name: Fevrethau Wen "rare pouncer"
Rank: Lady of the Pride of Silver Flames
Gender: Female
Parentage: Trif Klurar X Sussash Misherinil
Head: Fc
Ears: Cf/Ls
Mane: ls
Horns: A#NN
Wings: A#NN
Front Legs: Fc
Back Legs: Fc
Tail: Ll

Coat: ko
Snow Coat:
Bw/fB (piliated woodpecker)
"Rarr lelam," she says in a strange tongue. "I am pleased to see that someone has finally found us. We may be secretive creatures, but we like to think that others in the world know of our existance." She smiles. "I assume you have met the Pack already?"

"Yes, I have," you answer politely.

"I have never understood how they can forsake the lineage of a great pride and form pairs the way they do. It's humiliating for any male to have only one mate! They are good creatures, though they might be different, and you would do well to listen to them."

"Thank you, I will remember that," you say.

"Mabu gu iveru as we say," she says. "Goodbye and keep your eyes and ears sharp."

She curls back into a furry ball and falls back asleep very quickly. You take a look at her genetics and other information.