"I cannot come with you into the territory of the Pride, but if you walk for awhile toward the North, you cannot miss them," Wrere says and shrugs. "They like to hang out in the big field. I will wait for you here."

Bidding him farewell, you walk in the direction he indicated until you see a slender Felcan with unusual spots and a large rack of antlers. He sits majestically in the middle of a field of flowers, surveying the land around him. As you approach, he stands to greet you.
Name: Rithun Tuythil "wandering king"
Rank: Lord of the Pride of Silver Flames
Gender: Male
Parentage: Thronmir Farrata X Ertaunu Neramatira
Head: Fc
Ears: C
Mane: A#Nl
Horns: A#NN
Wings: NN
Front Legs: cc
Back Legs: cc
Tail: l
Coat: km
Snow Coat:
MA/BO (elk)
"Welcome to the Pride of Silver Flames," he says in a very cat-like voice. "It is one of the longest dynasty prides still in existence, started by my great great great great great grandsire. I am Rithun Tuythil, the current Pride Lord." He says this last part with a strong air of pride in his voice.

"As you can see," he continues without waiting for you to say anything, "I am an elk type with king cheetah markings. These are quite rare and have been seen in every other generation of my family for as long as any Felcan can remember. There are three females in my Pride, and I shall introduce them to you if you wish."

He gives you a small smile and indicates that you should first look at his chart of information.