Another small panel opens and you see a block of text and another list.

"What's this?" you ask Wrere, who has been dozing off behind you.

"Information about breeding and forming pack and prides and a list of packs outside the forest. There aren't many now, as you can see, but we hope to be adding more very soon. Felcan are really happiest when they belong to a group. It makes for easier hunting a defense."

You nod and read the inscription on the panel.

1) If you would like to form a pack or pride, you must first gather members and set up a page for your group. Groups are usually named after the first member or the first pair (as in the Pack of the Frozen Sky), but it is not a requirement.

2) Packs must have at least 4 members, an alpha pair and a beta pair. Prides must have at least 3 members, a male and two females. Both packs and prides can have an infinite number of members, but in a pack there must always be the same number of males as females and in a pride the females must always outnumber the males.

3) When your pack or pride is set up, email Adlana and she will add it to the list.

4) Every once in awhile, Adlana will offer breedings. Felcan do not breed very often, but when they do those Felcan who belong to a pack are pride are more likely to have offspring that survive. Joining a group is recommended before attempting to have offspring.
Founder Name Members
AdlanaPack of the Frozen SkyWrere Inis

Kemira Arraru

Berratau Femeuan

Mremau Kina

AyluraPride of Dark WisdomBiyutah Srel

Greueu Emearril

Veifra Perfan

Gireka Rarrira