"And here is our last pack member, for the moment anyway," Wrere gestures to the smallest creature gathered around the stone, a delicate Felcan with a long striped tail. You immediately realize that she must have ringtailed lemur traits.

The small Felcan slinks closer and sits next to Berratau, her mate you assume. She seems to be a little more shy than any other other pack members.
"This is our Krausel, the lovely Mremau Kina or Agile Climber," Wrere explains.

Mremau looks at you and inclines her head slightly but doesn't say anything. The tip of her tail twitches a little bit as she looks at you.

"My Mremau doesn't speak much," Berratau says. "She's the most graceful thing you could ever hope to see, though. We suspect that she may have had some troubles early in her life, though you could never convince her to talk about it." He leans up against his mate and she rubs her head into his thick mane comfortingly.

"Well, that's the last of the pack," Wrere says and the other pack members slowly move away into the shadows of the forest. When you and the Rausa are alone again, he watches as you turn to the stone, wondering what to do next.
Name: Mremau Kina "agile climber"
Rank: Krausel of the Pack of the Frozen Sky
Gender: Female
Parentage: Unknown
Head: FF
Ears: Cf/LL
Mane: NN
Horns: NN
Wings: NN
Front Legs: FF
Back Legs: Fc
Tail: A#f
Coat: A#Ct
Snow Coat: Nw
MP/Mh (ringtailed lemur)