"The next member is my mate and the Rausel of the Pack. She is called Kemira Arraru or Frozen Rivers." Wrere says as a beautiful snow leopard coated female steps forward and give Wrere a light nuzzle on his nose.

Unlike Wrere, she has a lion tail and a more canine muzzle. You also notice that she has lovely transparent dragonfly wings and antennae.
"Pleased to meet you, traveler," she says with a smile and sits down next to Wrere. "I hope that you are indeed the one we have been looking for. It seems that my mate has taken quite a liking to you."

You want to ask Kemira what she means, but she continues talking without pause.

"I know that the road has been long, friend, but I am afraid it will grow still longer if you are to pass the test. I wish you the very best of luck." She gives you a serene nod and turns to her mate.

"Ah, Kemira, you are the most beautiful and wise Felcan in these wide green woods," Wrere says and then looks back at you. "Shall you meet the other pack members now?
Name: Kemira Arraru "frozen rivers"
Rank: Rausel of the Pack of the Frozen Sky
Gender: Female
Parentage: Reyma Arrar X Lusei Grithun
Head: cc
Ears: CC/ss
Horns: A#NN
Wings: A#NN
Front Legs: Fc
Back Legs: Fc
Tail: lf

Coat: lk
Snow Coat: Sf
iD/ib (dragonfly)