"So you'd like to meet the pack, eh?" Wrere says as you press the second button. "No problem at all. I'm sure they'll be glad to see that someone has finally found their way here."

He gives you what looks suspiciously like a wink and throws back his head to send a long howl into the sky. It is a howl unlike any you have ever heard before, neither canine nor feline but some odd mixture of a yowl and a howl.

Within a few minutes, several large shapes come through the trees and gather around the stone. All of the other creatures seem to have a mix of canine and feline traits, like Wrere, but they all look very different from him.

"As I have said, I am Wrere Inis, Sky Wolf. I am the Rausa, or alpha male of the Pack of the Frozen Sky," he says and tilts his head slightly. "As you can see from my wings and crest, I am part bird, harpy eagle to be more specific." 
"I'll introduce the other members one at a time so that you         can get a chance to meet everyone and see out genetics (if you are interested in such things). First, here is my chart.
Name: Wrere Inis "sky wolf"
Rank: Rausa of the Pack of the Frozen Sky
Gender: Male
Parentage: Rarrau Linaa X Kistrem Sliuan
Head: Fc
Ears: Cf/Ls
Mane: Nl
Horns: A#NN
Wings: A#NN
Front Legs: cc
Back Legs: cc
Coat: Wt
Snow Coat:
BR/Rc (harpy eagle)