When you push the last button, nothing happens at all. You turn to give Wrere a questioning look, but he has fallen asleep. You give him a gentle nudge with your foot.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Our list of news and events isn't nearly so technological as the rest of this stuff. You'll have to take a look at that list pinned up over there." He points a clawed toe and yawns.
Ongoing - RP at the Orchard Messagepost. Bring your Felcan in at any time to meet others and socialize!

January 6 - January 13 - Four cubs born to the Pack and Pride are up for adoption. This adoption is also combined with a storywriting contest. In addition to a premade page, you must also submit a short story to demonstrate some of your roleplaying/writing skills. Stories may be written about a Felcan you have previously adopted, or may follow one of the given prompts. For more information, seek the Felcan adoption test form.

January 5 - Added links to the Felcan language at the Stone of Ways. Let me know if you see any mistakes on the list (I'm sure there are many).

December 12 - Felcan breeding season is now open! This only happens once a year, so make sure to sign up now if you are interested in getting a cub. The form will be open until December 17th at noon. Also, I have drawn up the members of the pride, and they will be posted as soon as I get them colored. A few of these females, and one female from the pack are also pregnant, and their cubs will be up for adoption when they are born in January.

October 21 - A batch of four Felcan is available for adoption. The form will close in a week, on October 28th.

Current Events