Something calls you onward toward the large marble stone. As you approach it, the air around you seems different somehow, almost alive with a strange energy. Could it be magic that you are sensing or something else? Everything is very silent as you gaze at the huge stone, admiring its glassy luster and deep brown color.

You reach out a hand to touch the stone, unable to resist its calling. As you do so, you become aware of something creeping up behind you. You turn around to see an odd winged creature that appears to have an odd mix of feline and canine traits. It glares at you with bright golden eyes.
"Have you come to seek answers in this place traveler?" the creature asks in an odd low voice. Its voice is heavily accented. "You are the first to come for a very long time now, but you are welcome nonetheless if you seek to do no wrong here."

"Who are you? Are you one of the riddle-makers?" you ask, remembering what the voice had told you a few minutes before.

"Some call us such. Usually we are known as the Felcan, at least to travelers such as yourself. I am known as Wrere Inis, or Sky Wolf in your tongue."  
"What is this stone?" you ask. "It seems to have power."

"The stone will tell you what you seek to know," Wrere says and sits down patiently, still watching you.

You look at the stone again and notice something you hadn't seen before. Along one of the sides of the rock, small inscriptions have been carved in neat rows. The carvings seem to be in several different languages, but one of them is english, you are glad to see. Each carving is slightly raised from the surface of the stone, as if they are buttons.

You glance at Wrere for permission to touch the stone, and he nods calmly. You carefully press one of the buttons.