Frequently Asked Questions
To help LorlenMichelle and Adlana out a little, please read over this list before emailing us with your question. If you can think of a question that needs to be added to the list, let us know!

Q: How long did it take you to make all these pages? This place is huge!
A: It certainly is. Working together, it took us several months to complete the Forest. Of course, we have been adding new things since the beginning, so the entire process has taken many years.

Q: Can I adopt out your stuff on my webpage?
A: No, you absolutely may not. You could always
commission a picture from Adlana to adopt out on your webpage, however.

Q: The answer to the dragon's question is treasure, so give my my prize, ok?
A: Sorry, that isn't quite right. You probably need to look around a little more. Also, so answer questions from the dragons or at the Heart of the Forest, you need to type them into the URL, not email them to us. Had the answer to this question actually been treasure, you would have gone to this URL for example:

Q: I want to adopt a Felcan. Here is my pre-made page.
A: Well, you need to find the form to adopt a Felcan, not just email us. There are some hints on the Felcan adoption pages. I suggest you start there.

Q: Where can I adopt a Frondari/Felcan?
A: These are both hidden adoption agencies that you must search for in order to adopt from. It would be cheating if we just told you where they are! Try exploring more, and if you have something specific you are stuck on, we might be able to give you a small hint.

Q: Where is the Heart of the Forest?
A: Again, you just need to explore more. You'll find it eventually. Trust us.

Q: When will you have more Frondari/Felcan for adoption? I always seem to miss them!
A: There will always be an announcement on the News page when a batch of something is available for adoption. Also, if you have never adopted a Frondari before, they are always available on the Frondari Isle from the special breeding request form.

Q: May I start my own Frondari Herd?
A: Certainly! There are rules and guidelines on how to do this at the Frondari Isle. If you do not own enough Frondari to make a Herd, feel free to ask Frondari from other adopters to join.

Q: When I click on a link, it takes me back to a page I was just at and they keep looping like this! I think your links are messed up.
A: No they aren't. You ,must have found one of the many dead ends in the Forest. We're just evil like that.

Q: The form on ______ page isn't working.
A: Yes, the forms only seem to work part of the time around here. If a form isn't working, email the information to instead.

Q: Are Deriss breedable?
A: No, not at the moment. They may be in the future, who knows?

Q: I'm doing a report on butterflies for school and I want to know how you were able to breed hybrid butterflies. I thought this wasn't possible.
A: Well, um, this is a fantasy cyber-adoption page, so none of the creatures or information here is real (as much as we hate to admit it). Sorry for the confusion!

Q: I really love your page! Do you mind if I make a site like yours?
A: Well, we certainly didn't invent the idea of a choose-your-own-adventure type fantasy website, so you may do something in the same format. Please do not steal any of our text or specific ideas, however. Making a library with books in it is okay, for example, as long as the books aren't the same as the books in our library. Think of something original instead of copying every little detail, please?
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