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The Nameless Forest text and most of the images found on the site are copyrighted to the two creators, LorlenMichelle and Adlana. The first version of the Forest was completed in 2000, and has been revised several times since. Feel free to email either of the creators with questions. We will try to get back to you as soon as we can.
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Solely responsible for the sarcastic wit and graphic violence of the Nameless Forest's text, including all mention of camels, magic mushrooms, and broken spines. Well, mostly responsible. Corrector of grammar and mispellings, and answerer of dumb questions.

The one behind the Forest's graphics and page layouts. Also had a hand in writing, especially any unfinished short stories in the library. She's also the one that runs all adoption agencies, so questions regarding any of the critters around here should be directed to her.