Nameless Butterfly Farm
Below, you will find any butterflies for that are going to be given out at the Orchard. They will be given out via random draw, and each butterfly will be considered a separate drawing. You may only enter one drawing per batch (meaning pick the butterfly to like best from the batch and go for that one). I ask that people who have bought 2 or more butterflies from the market please not enter the draw.

If you win, and you don't have a butterfly yet, you will also be given a display page for it. You may also put the butterfly on a page you make. See Adlana's collection for an example of what your display page will look like or should look like if you choose to construct your own.

Currently Available:

1) Unlimited number display pages for people who win a butterfly.

2) No breedings available right now.

3) 7 wild butterflies available.
but29 - Wild, gender unknown
Notes: Very unusual markings, not likely to ever be another like it.
but30 - Wild, gender unknown
Notes: A nice purple color, interesting pointed lower wings.
but31 - Wild, gender unknown
Notes: "Sunny forest" coloration, nice fringed lower wings.
4) No captive-bred butterflies available.
but32 - Wild, gender unknown
Notes: "Starry night" coloration, both upper and lower wings fringed.
but33 - Wild, gender unknown
Notes: Simmery looking wings, purple/green contrast could be brought out more in offspring.
but34 - Wild, gender unknown
Notes: Shimmery gold coloration, tails on both sets of wings.
but35 - Wild, gender unknown
Notes: Strange "tie-dyed" coloration in bright flame colors.