Bird Clearing
You decide to continue going forward in the direction of the white bird. You are amazed when you find yourself in a clearing with birds of every kind sitting in the trees around you. You stand and listen to their music for a moment, and then decide to continue on. Before you can leave, though, you hear a noise behind you and whirl around. A large man with wings greets you.

"Who be you, stranger?" he says in an odd voice.

You stammer out an inaudible reply. He glares at you with cold blue eyes.

"Well, I can see that you mean no harm to the creatures of this forest," he says, after studying you intently. "Be warned if you insist on exploring the forest with no name, however. It contains many dangers as well as mysteries."

You stare at him blankly, because you have no idea what he is talking about.

"There are wonderful creatures here who would perhaps follow you home, but you must search to find their hiding places. Only when you have discovered the secrets of the forest will you be able to understand it."

With that, he launches himself into the air with his enormous white wings. You watch as he lands on a branch high above you and a flock of colored birds flies over to land on his head and arms. You decide that it is time that you moved on.
Go straight ahead, to the other side of the clearing
Go back the way you think you came
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