Adoption Info
You see a wooden sign a approach it for a closer look. You see large lettering that says "Adoption Info" on the top of the sign, and smaller writing below. You are starting to read it when a voice interrupts you.

"Another traveler, huh? Well, I suppose I ought to explain a few things."

You turn and see a young woman, sitting just on the other side of the sign in a patch of grass. She smiles at you and stands up.

"Hi, I'm Adlana, one of the Ladies of the Forest. Nice to meet you. Now that you're here, I'm afraid you don't have any choice but to wander around and try to find your way to the Heart of the Forest. It's the only way out of here," she says.

"The Heart of the Forest? Where is it? Which path should I take?" you ask.

"I'm afraid I can't tell you that. You must find your own way there. There are dangerous creatures and places in this Forest, so please think carefully before choosing your path. Good luck!"

With that, the strange woman is gone and you find yourself alone again, standing before the wooden sign. You read it.

In this Forest, you may or may not find many strange and wonderful creatures up for adoption. If you are able to find these creatures, you have proven yourself worthy to adopt them. The only requirements are that you do not readopt the creatures out, do not alter the image in any way, and that you make a link back to this site after adopting the animal.

Also, please only take the creatures that specifically say they are for adoption. Some of the other images are only to add to the atmosphere of the Forest, and are not for you to take. Respect the Forest and it will reward you! Make sure to read the FAQs if you have any questions.

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Image copyright Adlana 2003, please do not use without permission. No, she isn't one of the creatures for adoption. :)